Monday, January 28, 2008

So here's the deal: I've been writing this blog for two years. I've explored, experimented, I even broke the shit down occasionally. But last week I got this exciting call from Lynette Clemetson by recommendation of Veronica Chambers and was told The Washington Post and Newsweek Interactive along with Henry Louis Gates was starting a new online magazine, AND they wanted to know if I'd blog for it. A brother most certainly said YES.

So, starting tomorrow, TUESDAY, JANUARY 29 I'll be blogging under the branding ON THE DIG at The Root. It's a new, exciting online mag that focuses on the black experience. But here's the twist: It's going to be smart, provocative and offer tools for genealogy. It may even hurt some folks' feelings.

Hit it up and support and just... DO YOU.

Until next time,



At 9:34 PM, Blogger threecee said...

sweet! congratulations!

At 8:14 AM, Blogger Candor Jones said...

Greetings Keith

I hope this note finds you well. Congratulations on your new role with I have checked out the site and have found it interesting.

I wanted to send you a note because I have followed your career and writing and have been encouraged to pursue my own career as a television/screenwriter by you.

A little about me -- I finished Morehouse College in 2005 with a degree in English Literature (originally from Memphis, TN) and have been working in public relations in New York City for Bank of America since graduating.

Although, I have enjoyed my professional career, I believe it is time for me to heed the clarion call and immerse myself in the process of becoming a professional writer, given my passion for writing and my interest in television/entertainment.

(The current writer's strike does add an ironic twist to my journey, I must admit.)

Nonetheless, after speaking with friends and family, coupled with some introspection, it has crystallized in my mind that pursuing a career as a professional writer is the right path for me, both professionally and personally.

I have always considered myself a writer. After Morehouse, I initially planned to rise in the ranks in journalism and become the next Ed Bradley or David Brooks (my favorite New York Times columnist). After some introspection on that front, I realized that I did not want to become a career journalist, despite my passion for the news. Instead, I chose public relations as a career because it gives me an opportunity to be creative, to be close to the news media and to work in a corporate setting.

However, I did not loose my passion for writing while working in corporate America. On the side, I would continue to exercise my writing prowess through my blog -- posting short stories and poems and submitting op-ed pieces to newspapers on a host of subjects.

(You can check me out at Candor Jones)

Fast forward to the present, it has become clear to me that my interest lie in communicating, storytelling and writing and I am most interested in the television screen as the medium to tell true, real-life stories to the masses. To know that your career allows you to have a had in that effort further excites me. But I digress.

I do have some trepidation around this endeavor, which does not outweigh my excitement, but I understand breaking into the entertainment industry is a Herculean task. On that thought, I would love any advice you can offer on switching careers and any thoughts you may have on "making it in Hollywood," so to speak.

On a daily basis, I am working on a spec script for "The Game" (I am sure you can offer some advice here given your expereince with "Girlfriends." I am also working on an original TV pilot and a screenplay.

Keith -- I am excited about this opportunity and even excited about the opportunity to talk with you on the aforementioned ideas. It would be great to set-up some time to speak with you to get your thoughts on this overall. I am currently in New York, so if you are ever in town maybe we could do lunch.

My personal email address is Please drop me a line, I would love to hear from you.

Ben Jones

At 10:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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